Monday, December 01, 2003

Happy Monday. What did I do for the Thanksgiving holiday, my four-day weekend? Mostly, I slept. I did not go see my friends or my family. I just did not feel well enough to be active. I do feel better now.

Thursday, I managed to do laundry and to work on going through old catalogs to dispose of them. Other than that, I drank lots of fluids and napped.

Friday, I finally woke up at 9 am. Chris & I went to Circuit City to get my present to my Mom, we stopped by Pier 1 Imports to see if they have the coatrack we want (they don't) then we went home again. I then took a 2-hour nap & Chris went out again shopping. Joe was feeling like he'd spent too much time indoors, so he came over and we went out to supper. I went to bed at my usual time.

Saturday, was more or less a repeat of Thursday but without the laundry. Chris, Rosemary & I did go see Spy Kids: 3D at Blue Ridge theater. While Chris pondered on our choice of restaurant we stopped by Foundation's Edge so Rosemary could pick up her comic books. I bought a book for Chris. He thinks I bought it for myself, so he took the one he bought for me & exchanged it yesterday. Although, I'm guessing about what he took to exchange yesterday.

Sunday I went through more stuff in the living room. We had people coming over to game by 2pm. We played another RPGA Living Greyhawk module, a year 2 core (that means it is not set in one of the Greyhawk 'regions' that is linked to a real world geographical area & it came out last year). It took longer than expected. I have 5 more to play & then I will have played all the year 2 modules. I hope to play 2 at Defycon & we've made plans to play 2 on December 13th & 14th.

I need to go. More gaming tonight. Chris is running his D&D game.

BTW, I have not lost any weight recently. I remain at 25 less than when I started in May.

Clothes report: this weekend it was t-shirt & jeans except when it was t-shirt & leggings or t-shirt, jeans & a sweater. Today it's black Liz Claiborne slacks, grey turtleneck, black suede lace up shoes (not quite tennis shoes but close), multi-colored crochet sweater with beads (purple, teal, orange, fuschia, yellow, orange, red & green plus blue, yellow, red, orange, & purple beads in concentric rings in 8 spots) & black socks. The sweater is very open so it shows up well against the grey turtleneck. My jewelry today is my rainbow moonstone set in silver earrings, moonstone in silver tri-moon pendant, black onxy band, silver flower band, & silver circles band. My hair is caught in back in the clip from Bronze Rose while the whisps are caught in small almost black hair clips on either side of my face. My hair is braided & a purple/violet elastic holds it.

Have a nice night.

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