Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As usual the New Years party was fun. It was a little scattered this year. Keith was on call & couldn't arrive until Monday. Our dryer died on Friday, so we had to come back early to try & work on that. Sherry never showed. We opened presents as people showed up. Keith liked his calendar, as usual. Russ liked his sugar free chocolate (& gave out lumps of coal to everyone, carved anthracite). Liz liked her chicken book & saw one bit of info that she wished she'd seen earlier (about chickens taking dirt baths look like they've died). Alisa thought that book that I got her looks interesting (Bless Your Heart, Tramp!). James can always use a hardware store gift card. I gave Shannon (Larry's wife) a tatted snowflake because she admired them & thought that her sister might like to tat. Namesake liked her presents, although I didn't see her unwrap the last one because I left that one for her to unwrap while Sherry's kids unwrapped theirs.

books: But, But.. Barbarians and partially read about 3 others, including Rainbow's End & Heiress for Hire. Read vol 3 of Tactics.

tatting: Up to Gemini Star in tatting book.

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