Friday, January 25, 2008

Gaming: Mutants & Masterminds: Rosemary's character, Lady Celtic, met her predecessor's son (who's old enough to be the current Lady Celtic's father or perhaps grandfather but only looks old enough to be her older brother). That was...mildly awkward. He's wondering how much of his mother's memory she has & she doesn't want to blurt out 'all of them'. I managed to out-crude the entire table with just one remark (regarding the likelihood of Lady Celtic having an affair with her previous self's son). We did some investigation & research stuff, no combat. We didn't have enough time.

Rosemary & Chris were late & then David showed off the scrapbook his Weightwatcher person made for him. David made his lifetime goal, so he's less than half the man he used to be (from >400, to <200). style="font-style: italic;">

books: finished re-reading Lost & Found and Terrier. Read Accidental Vampire. Lynsay Sands's series is pretty funny. It's book 7 in the Argeneau series. The next one is due out next month, I think.

Wrote to all my relatives. Just need to get the envelopes ready to mail. Ran into Barb (fellow gamer, plays Katherine in Witch Hunt) at lunch. I didn't know that she worked on campus.

clothes: the same (appearance-wise) yesterday & today on the black jeans, black belt, black shoes, hematite band, and braided hair. Differences: black turtleneck & black shirt, circle jewelry (silver band with circles, 3 silver gradated hoops hanging from a French wire, round quartz pebble pendants & round silver Celtic knot & moonstone pendant) & red elastic on the hair vs. black shirt & purple sweater, amethyst ring & pendant, purple Czech bead earrings, silver twist ~rope band, & purple elastic on hair.

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