Thursday, January 31, 2008

We had Jessica's good-bye lunch yesterday. Her position has been transferred to Facilities. I think she's actually packing up her office today. We went to Nantucket Grill. It was good. I had the soup & half-sandwich. Then I had the bright idea to get dessert. I managed about three bites. I'm eating the rest of the slab of apple cake for breakfast this morning.

books: I bought & read The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks and finished re-reading Star Princess. I started re-reading Desire by Amanda Quick.

work: The director decided that he wanted new carpet in our offices. Yesterday the vendors came through to measure the entire space before submitting their bids. It was more involved & took longer than I thought it would.

tatting: I broke the thread while closing a ring yesterday, so I used the rest of the size 80 ecru on the shuttle to make a tiny butterfly for Jessica. Then I wound more thread onto the shuttle & started the bookmark again after work. I spent a few minutes and planned the pattern for the bookmark, I hope that it works. I won't know until I turn at the end.

TV: we watched the 1st episode of the 2nd season of Torchwood. James Marsters was on it as "Capt John Hart", an old time agent partner of Capt Jack Harkness. You can tell that it's Brit tv. We also watched some Thundarr cartoons. They did a remarkably good job on that one. Their hair moves. Okay, there are some silly bits, 'their blue skins show that they are amphibians' for example. WTF? But when the wind is blowing hard their hair moves. Sometimes Thundarr's necklace even moves.

clothes: yesterday it was black suede shoes, black jeans, pale green turtleneck, dark green cord vest, Celtic knot jewelry & braided hair. Today it's black shoes, black jeans, cream blouse, dark red cord vest, black tatted jewelry, black & red stone bands, red bead bracelet, & braided hair.

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