Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tatting: Only 4 people at the meeting on Saturday. It started snowing just about 3:30 so that's no surprise. I found it without getting lost; that's a surprise. I finally finished the Gemini Star during the meeting. I've decided to make the pink into a bookmark instead of edging.

Also I've completed both Cupid Stars from Oh My Stars! (so far I don't like dimpled rings. I need to try them a couple more times before I settle with that opinion though) and the Shooting Star. The rickrack Cupid Star is in variegated pink; from a very old ball. I started the Stars & Stripes, in size 80, gadzooks. I only had two colors of thread in the same size in the 80. So it's variegated blue & solid white.

books: Read A Tisket, A Tasket, A Fancy Stolen Casket, and um, still working on Chapter 2 of Teach Yourself Gaelic. I've started a vocabulary card thing. I write the Gaelic word on the front & the pronunciation (as best as I can tell), definition & helpful information about it on the back; things like 'causes lenition' and other tidbits. The former is a mystery set in small town South Carolina, with the protagonist Calamine "Callie" Lotion Parrish. She's a cosmetologist at a funeral home; giving loved ones a final beautiful memory of the dear departed.

My cousin Kathy, Aunt Evelyn's younger daughter, called me Saturday evening, so I'm a little glad that caution about the weather prevented me from driving down to see my aunts after the Tatting meeting. If I'd left, I would have missed her call. We talked for a few minutes. She's only about 10 years older than I am.

Sunday, I waited until the roads had a chance to thaw before I left. I took some stuff out of my car first, so I left a little later than I'd planned. I got there via the 5th route now (as of the last 2 trips plus this one). I'm getting better. They were glad to see me & I tatted while Aunt Dot & Uncle Albert watched football & Aunt Shirley read. Mom arrived that evening and she was surprised to see me. I had tried to call her to let her know about the roads (& let her know that I'd be there) but she had her cell phone off again.

We did a little sewing on Monday. Mom had found a better suitcase for me to use to carry my sewing machine. It's a lot sturdier than the one that I have been using. However, it doesn't have pockets, so I used some drapery fabric & sewed a couple. That will help in stowing the presser feet and extra bobbins. I completely forgot my bag of 'needs repairs' and the satin fabric for my new pillowcase. I could, theoretically, work on that tonight. Theoretically.

I had to leave last night and made it home just after dark. It was markedly colder. When I was putting my bags in the car, I just wore a turtleneck & felt fine. Getting them out, I felt like I was freezing; it was only 2F above the freezing mark, so no wonder.

clothes: jeans, turtlenecks, Celtic knot jewelry

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