Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cause of the day

Work: Meetings are taking up most of my day today. Plus I'm trying to unpack and do all the daily stuff. Wheeee!

Weather: Another storm hit. I got home just ahead of it. No power outage this time.

Family: Kathy's mom died. She's been ill for some time but Dad's been frantic trying to reach me. Then when I called him back, my phone died.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sewicked!! I like to visit new blogs when I can and today I came to yours. :-) So you're a gamer? Cool! LOL I like games too, but I'm not good at them and haven't played in centuries. How's everything going? Happy tatting and everything! See you,
Verito. :-)

Sewicked said...

Things are crazy with the office move but playing Mutants & Masterminds last night and getting to beat up a racist ghost/spirit thing was fun. I'm not tatting very much right now, most of my spare time is spent planning for my trip.