Monday, July 07, 2008

sight of the weekend: Coming around the on-ramp in Greensboro about 4:30 in the afternoon, I spotted a brown hare, presumably grazing in the grass, in the middle of the cloverleaf.

Movies: Wanted, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Rush Hour 3. John J, Chris & I went to see Wanted Thursday night (just missing the rain). It was not the best movie that I have seen all year but it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. I might even be willing to buy a copy. It had a couple very good plot twists and some interesting world building.

Friday, Chris, Rosemary & I went to see Indiana Jones. There weren't very many surprises but it was a good action movie. The final ending had a big disappointment though (spoiler ahead: highlight to read: aliens? freaking interdimensional aliens?! WTF?!

Since Chris forgot to bring the zombie fluxx deck, we rented Rush Hour 3 and watched that instead, as we ate our bison hot dogs. Jackie Chan was his usual scarily marvelous self. The bit where he grabs the flag is just wild. I've seen Cirque du Soleil acrobats do that. I don't know how much longer he can keep up his action movies but I'm happy to see every one that he makes.

Weather: Just as the movie ended, the heavens opened up. Or someone uncapped the heavenly hose and sprayed the area. Either way, we got very wet running out to the car.

It rained again on Saturday. And Sunday. We're already more than halfway to our usual monthly amount of rain. And we're only a week into the month. We lost power for over an hour on Sunday. I was getting ready to give up (my laptop battery was almost gone) and go somewhere that had power when it came back on.

Family: I went to see Mom on Saturday. I was delayed, first by bad stomach juju and then by the Saturday storm. We found some shirts that I plan to take with me to Colorado; short-sleeved cotton ones to wear over tank tops. We also found some white shoes to wear so that I'm not wearing all black shoes or tennis shoes.

shopping: I also bought some black flat shoes to replace my black ~ballet shoes. I'm wearing a pair today & really wishing that I had some moleskin. I have a couple bandaids on but I think that I will be adding more before I head home. I also bought a pair of black, high heeled sandals. I think those are the first new heels that I have bought in over a decade.

But my teal silk dress really calls for heels, not flats. I need to try them on together to make certain that everything looks good together. I've been planning the outfit but it's all been in my head; teal, brushed silk spaghetti strap sheath, black nubby silk haori, black heels aaaaand I need to decide about jewelry too. Do I go black or turquoise?

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