Friday, July 11, 2008

Mutants & Masterminds: Since two of the players couldn't make it to the game; we had an 'annual.' That's the GM's name for a one-shot. We ended up dealing with a racist ghost/demon. It had been summoned at the end of the Civil War, as a last ditch effort. Its MO was to possess someone, until they died. Too bad the last host had been in a coma, trapping it. We had to fight it; it killed a male nurse and two of his neighbors. We managed to save the teenager that it possessed. It briefly possessed Kodachrome (after she accidentally revealed her secret id to a freelance reporter) and tried to possess Totem. Its weakness was gold. Totem and her priest trapped it in a gold inlaid ashabti. The reporter agreed to keep Melanie's/Kodachrome's secret since she saved his life.

Dream: I had a really good one last night. It was a fantasy adventure but I don't remember much. There was a princess/queen and a prince pursuing the prince's older brother, who had stolen her magic artifact/treasure. The pair had both bonded to large panthers, who were partners rather than anything subservient. The panthers chose their partners and, as usual for cats, still retained much of their independence.

Work: More unpacking today. My boss really helped. Mostly, I told him where I wanted stuff, at least more or less, and he emptied boxes. All that's left are the drawers around my desk. That will take some doing as they got re-arranged. I may have to empty & redo them.

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