Thursday, July 17, 2008

How's this for an icebreaker: "When I was a little girl, my daddy did shows wearing a wig and makeup." It's true, too. My dad was a Koshare; when I was a little girl he taught Indian/Native American/AmerInd dances to a scout troop. They did shows and well, I take after my Dad in coloring. To look the part, he wore a black wig & make up.

computer: I still can't get my Palm (older one of course) to work. Of course, I spent a lot of time looking for the right cable (found it by accident this morning). If I have time after I finish packing tonight, then I'll try to get it to sync properly. I haven't tried to do anything with it since I got my new harddriver. I'll need to reinstall everything. Since the batteries were dead in the Palms in question, I could do nothing with them anyway.

Vacation: as par for someone of my coloring, my skin is milk white everywhere that the sun has not touched. I remember to put at least spf 15 on my face so it's barely touched by the sun. Mostly it's my forearms; they're sort of cream; sprinkled liberally with cinnamon. I freckle like I swallowed a dollar and broke out in pennies. I wear pants most of the time, so my legs, shoulders & upper arms cause snow blindness when hit by bright sunlight.

This is not a desired look in our culture but I'm not going to sunbathe to change it. My skin cancer risk is too high. I bought some sunless tanning solution; I don't want to be brown, I just want to be off-white. It works very well, too. It's not perfect but who's going to be paying that much attention anyway?

I've decided to wait to cut my hair when I get back. My hair really is my crowning glory; a beautiful color & past my waist. I cut my bangs last week and boy, they're shorter than I thought. I cut them dry and pulled them down to eye level before I cut. Without the weight though, they've sprung up to only half my forehead. I don't want that to happen to my hair, even though I was only planning on cutting it up to my ribcage.

I was an odd teenager. Teens are notorious for staying up late, right? I went to bed at 9 pm, voluntarily. My mom once had to insist that I stay up later to finish the card game. My reasoning was easy enough; if I went to bed at 9 pm, it was easy to wake up at 5 am & watch Hogan's Heroes before getting ready for school.

As an aside, read about some of the stars of Hogan's Heroes sometime. The actors portraying Sgt Schultz, Col Klink and Gen Burkhalter were all born in Austria or Germany. And the first two were Jewish. Newkirk and LeBeau really were from England & France. Maj Hochstetter is from Tennessee. Kinch was, frankly, just impressive.

Sunbathing? My mom & I were going to go visit her sister in Miami and both of us are Celtic white. She insisted that we sunbathe to take the edge off and be less vulnerable to the Florida sun. Ye gods that was boring. And it didn't make a difference. I have gotten a tan twice in my life; both times by accident. The first time was during my summer job after I graduated high school.

I worked in a building so cold, that I'd sit in the sun at lunch just to warm up. Even with SPF 15, or 25, whatever was the highest available at the time, that has an effect. I was shocked one morning when I noticed that I had a tan line. I had turned a lovely shade of cream, not brown, cream. Same thing happened in 2000 when I spent at week at Disneyworld. It was May but I still darkened to cream.

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