Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Gaming: It's Pyre of the Righteous today (Living Greyhawk). I'm playing Kayla for the first time since September. We're waiting for our 4th player, so I have time to post a little bit. I get to kill more things, cause Kayla's a barbarian.

Chris was sick yesterday so I didn't get much done. I collected my manga together, or at least a lot that I have not read yet. I cleared out the floor near the phone and that was it. Then this morning a transformer blew & we lost power for 3 hours. It came on in time for Chris & I to take showers and run to FE for me to pick up more manga.

Dream: I had a bad dream Friday night, it was not a nightmare per se, but definitely unpleasant. I remember a mechanic allied with us that I was glad that he was on our side; quasi-psychotic perhaps? I remember him shooting an attacker on a motorcycle and I could see the biker's spine sticking up out of the wound/severed torso.

Computer game: I've been playing Chocolatier and Build-a-lot. They are fun little strategy & economics games. In one you're building a chocolate empire and in the other a construction business.

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