Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gaming: Looking back, I realized that I never posted what happened in last week's Mutants & Masterminds. We had a nice little fight in the vaults of Astro Labs with the Bestiary (4 ~myth-themed villains) and then met the superthief for hire, Magpie, as he was stealing something from the Freedom League vaults. Turns out, Lady Celtic's son, from a previous life, has stolen her powers, at least partially. He's a little obsessed with his mom's legacy. We ended with Freedom League trying to find proof that he was behind the theft by Magpie.

Saturday I'm in a zero-round of a game for the Living Forgotten Realms weekend. Basically, I'm rounding out the table. Sunday, I'm in another LFR game. How did this happen? I could have sworn that I had a free weekend somewhere.

Met up with some old friends in Raleigh last night. It was nice seeing some old friends, and some new faces. Anitra wasn't there, she's still occupied with family matters.

As I was leaving, I managed to drop my Palm. Luckily, I had sync'ed it night before last, so I only lost was I had entered yesterday & I think that I remembered it all.

I finally found some stamps so that I could mail my letters. I sent one to Mom, too. That reminds me, I think that I need to write Mitra again.

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