Friday, October 10, 2008

Watched the season premier of CSI last night, so that makes my 4th night of less than ideal sleep. Maybe I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Maybe.

Chris took the day off to go get his new Driver's license, today. Sci Fi network was showing a marathon of Friday the 13th the Series. He taped them. We watched the first episode, Inheritance. The actress playing Mary, the little girl, looked scarily like me when I was a little girl. As a result, Chris declared that I cannot have any porcelain dolls (cursed bisque doll in the episode), just tooooo creepy.

Mom scared the crap out of me by calling after 9 pm. From her tone of voice, I honestly thought she was about to 'invite' me to a funeral. Turns out there's a change of plans with next month visiting my aunt & uncle. My other two aunts are coming into the state but my uncle is worse and has trouble dealing with strangers; so no nieces and nephews. I'll go visit mom for Thanksgiving, instead.

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