Monday, October 13, 2008

State Fair: My entry is in and I added a couple remarks about the origin on the back of the tag. I neglected to get a picture of it; whoops. Maybe I can find out how I did this weekend. Cross your fingers.

Gaming: Yesterday was interesting. No GMs signed up and whoever was organizing it did nothing to rectify it. So we had 9 players and no GM. Since I had an adventure on my laptop, I volunteered to run something. And someone else volunteered to run an adapatable; he just had to get the book from home. Three of the four people at my table had played Inheritance before. At least two of them had also read it. On the bright side, this means that they could nudge me when I made a mistake.

Chris's Supper: We took Chris out to Rio Churrascaria. I managed not to eat myself to foundering. I count that as a victory.

Health: Tomorrow I'm getting my flu shot. I meant to get it last week but I needed my health insurance card. I want to have it in effect by the time I start working at the fair. It will hopefully prevent me from catching anything really nasty.

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