Monday, October 20, 2008

One Fair weekend down, one more to go. Yes, two 12-hour days of tatting. Anitra is there for all 11 days. Whew. But she loves doing all that tatting so it really is a vacation for her. It was so cold that I wore my Colonial era outfit. I just wish that I had not forgotten my fichu; I really could have used it.

Incidents of note- an ambassador, either to or from Japan, came through & bought 2 Trantham cds. Cool, huh. A tiny turtle, either a painted or a yellow-stripe was rescued. I learned that someone who's observant and is truly interested in what you're doing is just as pleasurable as inspiring someone to learn your hobby/craft/obsession. No one that I've talked to in the Village has seen the embroidery hoop/trivet (wagon wheel rim/rug) weaving. Dad & Kathy came by and we had lunch on Sunday.

I have heard that I did not get a ribbon for my bookmark. I'm not really surprised. It has color.

Discovery yesterday: Monster brand energy drink keeps me up for hours. I drank it about 7 am & was still awake at midnight.

I've started reading the Aurora Teagarden mysteries. Thanks Steve for the loan. I also read Nation, Pratchett's new book.

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