Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okay, recipe for tired: 1) cough late into the night, 2) get five hours of sleep, 3) walk around the fair grounds from 10 am to 9 pm (except for lunch, supper, a few minutes watching the male Boer Goats judging, a few minutes learning about saving energy & a couple minutes talking to a merchant), 4) drive home and haul stuff out of the car, 5) get up at quarter to one am and throw up supper.

I have confirmed; no ribbon for my bookmark. The blue ribbon piece is very pretty, a tiny, intricate bobbin lace place in something like size 80 thread.

I did buy a few Christmas presents. I also bought a couple things for myself. I tried some pain reliever cream. It smelled strongly of menthol & camphor. The salesperson said that the smell would fade in 5-10 minutes. When I hugged Carrie (she has a cold) she was sniffing me for the hour later. I showered and can still catch the occasional sniff.

Tonight I'm off to play LFR, These Hallowed Halls. whee! Who needs sleep.

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