Thursday, September 03, 2015

Almost time....

Map of NC/SC has been acquired. Triptik from AAA has arrived. Car is empty. Clothes are packed. I did my tatting homework (loading shuttles and beads) as almost the last thing. I am missing 2 things; a button and some felt.

With four people in the car, I'm having to choose what to take instead of just dumping an assortment of tatting thread and beads into a bag. However, I have 3 bags (plus) instead of two. One bag is clothes, one is for tatting and one is my purse. It's a good sized purse and I could carry it on my lap. Except I'm driving. The plus is a couple bags of tins, plus a bag for "The Poncho" and decoy. Oh, I just remembered, my item for the white elephant swap. I have it wrapped (yay, gift bags), but I need to make sure it makes it to the car.

I modeled it after I won last year

It was pouring down rain last night so I waited until this morning to pack my car. I packed in the basement (more room to spread out my threads and supplies) and I went out the back door. Shockingly, after the rain last night, the grass is very wet. My sandals have no traction. Fwump! Full face plant. My hands and knees are a little sore and my jeans are damp. I'm waiting for my sandals to dry before I put them back into my suitcase (as secondary shoes).

I went to the dentist last week and to give myself something to take my mind off my mouth, I tatted. I pulled out size 10 thread, loaded 3 bobbins, and tatted flowers. Here's one bundle of the ones I made.

I mailed my Dad's birthday present and it arrived the same day they got home. He didn't have that DVD (marines in WWII) so he seemed please. His birthday is not until this weekend but he opened it early.

I have Anitra's present. I found another "lace" covered journal for her. Actually, I found a small sketchbook and a journal. I also found the tiny beads my Aunt Dot gave me. They're smaller than what I commonly use, but Anitra uses that size.

I painted my nails. My throat was a little sore last night, so I was sucking on a cough drop. I wanted to wait until I finished it before I went to sleep. My finger and toenails are now silver glittery. Too bad one thumb nail decided to tear off, almost to the quick. My nails were decent before that. Oh well.


Jane McLellan said...

Travel safely and enjoy your trip.

Sewicked said...

Thank you. I did enjoy myself.