Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Signs of Autumn

We've actually had some jacket weather these past couple mornings. Afternoons have still been warm, though.

Our Sunday game of Mermaid Adventures was interrupted  by the furry lad in the picture. He was friendly and ready to enter the house as soon as the door was opened. We gave him some water
and kept him the shade, on a strong leash.

He had his rabies tag so we called Animal Control, who contacted the dog's owner. She thought he was still in the backyard. Apparently, he dug his way out.  She was so happy to get him back.

Speaking of Mermaid Adventures, RW and family were hosting a couple of other kids for the weekend. The older girl played with us, too. The kids' father plays a home game with RW. The girl loved the game and wants to know next time we play so she can play, too.

This is where I went after work tonight. It was interesting. I just wish I hadn't missed part one back in April.

I've decided to make a couple bobeches for my 3rd State Fair entry. I'm trying out one pattern and I've figured out how to climb out instead of cutting and tying between rounds. It's three rounds but pretty quick. Given what I know of the competition, I'm unlikely to get blue, but at least I'll have an entry.

CD has decided to enter the State Fair, too. He's going for the honey recipes category. He made a bbq sauce on chicken last night. And it's so good! I will be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

I am working on a second wave bracelet, since the beads were already loaded. But I messed up my variation and I've put it aside so I can work on the bobeches and bracelets for sale.

I have downloaded pages from Passion Planner and I'm playing with them. I know two people who have one and rave about them. By the way, if you decide to get one of your very own, would you use me as a reference? If three people buy one based on my reference (using my email), I get one for free.

By the way, coloring mandalas is very peaceful and soothing. This is just pulling crayons form the bag at random.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any questions to ask me? Anything you'd like to know?

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