Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family Reunion, etc

Still raining, off and on. Today was a hot, sticky mess. Seriously, the high today was around 84F and the humidity hovered in the 90s.

Friday night, CD made his tasty honey barbecue sauce and baked chicken. However, there was just a little too much spicy heat so we went to the grocery store to get more ingredients, and a foil pan. Our usual cookware is stoneware and those suckers are heavy.

Saturday morning, I woke up late. I ran around getting stuff together. I found a 3rd snowflake pattern and directions to the family reunion.

Finally, I got on the road to Mom's. We went shopping and found some taper candles and candle holders. We got silver and white candles, so I can see which ones work better.

We spent the evening relaxing and watching tv. CD had also made chocolate chip cookies and I brought those to share with Mom. I made an origami box to hold the trio of snowflakes I'd made for the family reunion door prizes.
snowflakes, from Sharon's blog, Palmetto Tat Days 2015, and Be-Stitched

waterfall calendar page

origami box

The next morning, we baked the chicken and used the insulated bag as a hot bag. I used one of my microwave hot bags to get it hot, then used aluminum foil to cover the chicken, wrapped it in a towel, and into the bag.

We ran a trifle late getting on the road to the family reunion. And my directions were...not optimal. As a result, we arrived after everyone had started eating. Mom sat next to her uncle (my grandfather's remaining sibling) while I was seated near his son and daughter-in-law.

After we finished eating, they had the drawing for the door prizes. Mom got a picture of G-grandpa Claude E. and G-grandma Suzy. The first two drawings were for turned wood bowls made from a pecan tree that died on the old family farm. After the 1st two, people got to pick. Until someone opened the box, no one picked the snowflakes.

Afterward, we went to Mom's and I dropped her off. I headed home. I got tired enough, I had to take a break to wake up on the drive home.

Monday morning, my alarm clock did not go off. I woke up a trifle late. I checked on it before I went to bed and it still didn't go off Tuesday morning. It has two alarm settings and I realized the weekend alarm didn't go off either. Tuesday night, I set both of them to weekday am (one at 6 and one at 6:01) and then set my travel alarm clock. Guess which alarm didn't go off this morning.

I've finished my 1st bobeche. I still need to do the third round of the other one.

My niece wrote me. I've written her a reply and plan to include some photographs. 

Update: I updated to OS 9 last weekend and now there's been two more minor updates. 

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