Saturday, September 26, 2015

Late But Not Forgotten

Friday night, I submitted my State Fair submission forms. I'm entering my scarf edging, a pair of beanile earrigs, and a pair of bobeches. 

Spark Con was Saturday and it was loads of fun. I kind of wish I'd gotten out more to see the chalk drawings, etc. But we (AS, CK, and I) tatted and had fun. I got a good start on my bobeches and we were entertained by music. There was an instrumental guitarist, then shape note singers, and then a musical group. Weavers and spinners sat across from us. Other activities were also in the City of Raleigh museum, like Mordecai House.
You can hear the shape note singers

Sunday, I tried to rest some. We went to see R and went out to eat.

I found my navy blue thread and worked on finishing my bobeches. They have a red core, white round, and then a round of navy blue.

Went out to eat Chinese Tuesday night with JJ. It looks like the end is in sight for settling his mother's estate. it's been a long, hard row to hoe.

There's some drama going on at work. I don't want to talk about it.

Sunday is the family reunion. CD generously agreed to make some of his honey barbecue sauce for me to use on some chicken to take for the potluck. 

Oh, here's a fun exercise, from a friend on G+
You are a dragon.
What color are your scales?
What weapon is your breath?
Are you feathered?
Where is your lair?
What is your hoard?
Who can kill you, and how?*

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If anyone gets the video to play, please let me know.