Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Another Palmetto Tat Days over

As usual it was a lot of fun. I did not take nearly enough pictures. I only got pictures of my projects (& one scenery), no people. Bummer, huh?

I still have 2 (okay, 3 kind of) projects left to finish. One is Karey Solomon's prayer pouch and her early birds' class, leaping lambie. I had five classes but one was not a project class, it was about reading vintage patterns, with Georgia Seitz. The other class I had with Georgia, I was her assistant so I had the project done before class started. I have another iteration on the shuttles, but the one I'm counting as kind of a third is Marie Smith's angel. It was the evening activity Thursday night and I completely missed it. I'll need to load a shuttle, find a bead, and give it a try.

Finished projects: wave bracelet with Donna Thompson
in progress
Daisy Mae bracelet with Carol Lowe

and Sandra E teaching Nina Libin earrings

still need finishing

The only drama on the drive down was dealing with Raleigh/Cary rush hour on the way to get Vivian. Other than that, there was some heavy traffic now and again but nothing major. Once again, online maps gave very odd directions, so we relied on Anitra and my memories of the more straightforward route. We've noted it in the Triptik which now resides in my glove compartment.

We managed to get everyone and their luggage into my car. Vivian and Martha had to cope with my purse in the backseat. It stayed on the floorboard between them so it was not egregious. I did figure out what to do with my hair. If I leave it loose,  it catches between seat and shirt to tangle into rats' nests. If I braid it into a single braid, it's a lump down my spine. So I braided it into two braids. Pigtail braids aren't my best look, but it worked.

We made the trip in good time, mostly by combining pit, food, and gas into one stop. We didn't run into any really bad weather. There was a ladder in the road in SC but we dodged it and reported it to the highway patrol when we could.

We arrived with time to register, drop off our bags, and the teachers to get to the teacher briefing. The goodie bags were again fabulous. They are zippered shoulder totes with good pockets. The color this year was lime green. Not my fave, but still a good bag. The badges matches this year, being badge wallets instead of the plastic badge holders. Very nice.

Instead of playing with Marie Smith's angel pattern, I ended up talking to folks. That was a lot of fun so I don't regret it at all. Friday, we were up bright and early to get started. The first class was a 10:30 am, enough time to visit the vendor room, and do class homework/supplies if you hadn't already. I got this year's t-shirt and pattern cd. I forgot to pick up last year's cd (which disappeared). Hopefully, I'll remember next year.

I had three classes on Friday and three on Saturday. I don't think I've ever taken a class with Donna before. I can see variations to do on her wave bracelet that will be loads of fun. I need to do the finishing on the earrings and they'll be ready.

My edging is a version of this vintage one
In the Demystifying vintage patterns, Georgia handed out cd's of public domain patterns for us to play around with. In class, she had a handout with some old patterns with modern notes on them. She had us try to decode the ones without modern notes and try tatting them.

Practicing the vintage pattern, once we've deciphered it
I do enjoy being an assistant. I get to officially help people (I do it unofficially in the other classes if I can). I also used the star from Georgia's weird joins class on the poncho. Monica B got the poncho.

weird joins class with Georgia

As a break from thread, Dawn Tucker taught origami boxes Saturday night
Did these at lunch. to practice

Look what showed up during the white elephant game....
Freudian slippers

We made these cards for Palmetto Tatters' Guild, to sell for money for the scholarship. One of the members made the cards, printed or stamped, and we added flowers and butterflies, etc.

Karey Solomon's prayer pouch on right, my start on left

fog coming in, view from dining hall
I volunteered to help with the live auction, to make sure someone got the poncho. Monica got it. Bwahahaha. I took some of the items around the room so people could get a closer look before bidding.

I managed to stay within my budget, even with the silent auction (I was outbid a lot). I bought a couple books, and a few balls of thread. 

As usual, it was over too soon. We packed up Sunday morning and were on the road again. I did the pigtail braids again. We stopped for lunch a little early to miss post-church crowds. I made it home in time for supper.

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