Saturday, August 05, 2017

RPGaday 2017 day 5

Here's the graphic, fyi

#RPGaday2017 Day 5
Which RPG cover do you feel best captures the spirit of the game?

Hmm, I can really only speak for games I've played. 7th Sea has a good cover. But so does Spirit of the Century. The original Shadowrun cover did a good job. But I think I'll go with Blue Rose.

It's not a particularly action shot, but the art speaks to the type of the game. This game has social and explorer aspects to it that are just as important as the combat aspects. The slightly dreamy picture of someone with a scepter, a surrounded by blue roses, butterflies, and cats, but with brambles in the picture, tells you this isn't hack and slash. You open the book, knowing this isn't D&D (or Traveller or Space Opera or Gamma World).

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