Monday, August 07, 2017

RPGaday2017 Day 7

#RPGaday2017 Day 7
What was your most impactful game session?

That's actually pretty easy. It was a one-shot session of Star Wars we played in college.

Half the players didn't show up and half the players who did show up brought someone else with them. The GM brought out a one-shot she'd been toying with, using pre-gens. It was a flashback to our campaign; back to the Fall of Catalus (or Death of the Jedi).

This was after the 1st three Star Wars movies (Chapters IV, V, & VI), but before the rest of them. In our version, Jedi did get married and have kids. One of our characters was the daughter of one such; she was a force sensitive, without being a Jedi herself. Another PC was separated from her husband, Anakin Skywalker, and on the run. She had some Jedi training, and the lightsaber which had belonged to the former PC's father. The flashback would explain how she got it (in game there had been a very fraught discussion when the 2 PCs met 'what are you doing with my father's lightsaber' and all that).

I got there a bit late and there were only 2 of the pregens left. I decided to play the Jedi father of the PC (he was going to die, it was a plot point). The PC of 'my' daughter was playing her younger self, as was the partially trained Jedi on the run.

Now, unlike in our usual Star Wars game, my character was a fully trained Jedi warrior. Which means, when he met Darth Vader in battle, he didn't die like I expected. He fought Vader to a standstill. So here I was, making these telepathic death speeches to 'my' daughter...and then surviving. But it was all very dramatic and everyone stayed in character and we played for hours, finally wrapping up around 2 or 3 am.

Although I didn't know the term, this is also when I experienced the most bleed. The player of 'my daughter' sent me father's day cards for years after, because those paternal feelings lingered.

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