Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Tri-Tatters and other matters

The forum meeting ended early but the community service committee meeting did not get moved up. Since some non-delegates are on the committee, that was actually a good thing.

The garden work day went pretty well. There was a good harvest and enough people to weed the paths some. The figs have started ripening. I helped harvest some cucumber and then took the cucumber vine off its trellis (darn those vines are prickly). I also helped harvest a couple figs. Mostly, I took pictures. Claire said I took over 100 photos, which gave her a nice choice of which ones to share.

Thursday was a bit of running around at work. I got to where I needed to be but was missing a key element of the paperwork, so I had to go back on Friday. I also went to the mail services open house. I finally got to see the sorting machine. It's impressive.
Virginia creeper?

Saturday was the Tri-tatters demo at Mordecai House. Four of us were there and we had some lovely interactions. There was a lady from Dallas who was absolutely thrilled to see us tatting. And one girl who loves making bracelets who wanted to try. Stuff like that makes us happy. I took a few pictures.

lanyard from Palmetto Tat Days 2017

My bracelet is not going as well. I made a mistake in the same place 3 times. Not the same mistake, a different one every time, but in the same place. I finally had to cut the ring instead of opening it....again. And I'm only on the 3rd repeat.

Somethingunderthebed had a great idea about using a coil from a comb binding to hold thread on a bobbin.

And here's one of the fans CD gave me. I think these are party members in China. He was disappointed that it's not prettier. I told him it makes a great conversation piece.

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