Wednesday, August 02, 2017

RPGaday2017 addendum

This is a good idea, and I think I'll do some variant of this.

I'm participating in #RPGaDay again this year (I haven't missed one yet) but I'm applying the critical lessons learned in previous years to keep it fun and celebratory. You may find this approach useful as well. My rules are:

► Strip the prompt of all superlatives (favorite, best, most, etc), replacing the superlatives with general awesomeness or otherwise broadening it. For example, if the prompt is "The RPG that makes the best use of ping-pong balls," I rewrite the prompt to "An RPG that makes awesome use of ping-pong balls."

► Replace any reference to "RPG" or "game" with a broader reference to all RPG items. So, "An RPG that makes awesome use of ping-pong balls" becomes "An RPG item that makes awesome use of ping-pong balls," so now it's not just about core games, but also open to sourcebooks, modules, etc.

► Replace any prompt that doesn't invite me to celebrate the quality of gaming or gaming stuff with something that does, so questions like "How does your group refrigerate your shoe-boxes filled with beige speckled d12s?" will be tossed out entirely and replaced with a backup question. Since many of the provided backup questions would themselves be tossed out under this rule, I'm going to slide backward along the timeline instead. If the 2017 question doesn't invite me to celebrate something or someone, I'll drop back to the 2016 question and so on back to the orginal 2014 set. I won't be repeating any answers, though, just fresh answers to classic questions. I'll apply the same to prompts I've got nothing for (for other reasons), too.

Here's hoping you also participate, with whatever tweaks make it the most fun for you. See you 'round the burning hashtag throughout the month of August!

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