Friday, June 04, 2004

I did not finish packing last night so it's rush home, finish & get on the road to Charlotte. Wish me luck. I did get one bag packed last night, one this morning. The 3rd one is about 1/2 packed. I never did find my usual Ironclaw book, the one that's been so abused that I had to spiral bind it.

Today's outfit: purple, short-sleeved purple blouse (& of course it's the coolest it's been all week, 66F right now), black slacks, black loafers (unlike yesterday's brown ones), amethyst ring, Czech crystal earrings. silver braid band, silver band & short silver chain. I do look nice.

I had to do the stuff in the dryer again this morning. The stuff hanging on the rack was almost dry. Go figure. Of course, the 2 pairs of jeans hadn't dried yet but most of the blouses were fine (including this purple one).

Gotta go.

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