Monday, June 21, 2004

Well, I'm not packed yet & we leave tomorrow morning for Origins. Wheeee! I still need to do a little cleaning for the house inspection tomorrow morning & we have gaming tonight. What was I thinking? Plus, I need to do one load of laundry & get more airtime minutes for my cellphone.

Saturday's outfit: USAF hospital shirt, leggings & loafers as needed, otherwise barefoot. Mom came by, she showed me some old photo's (from grandmother's collection), we talked & she went home. I got some cleaning done & I got major depressed (as in wailing, crying jag depressed. Yuck).

Sunday: English language t, navy shorts, grey sandals & celtic knot jewelry. Chris took his parents & me to see the latest Harry Potter movie (I got more cleaning done that morning & I felt better). Then we went to Maggiano's for supper. We got there before the rush so we were basically seated immediately. I've never sat in the balcony area before. It was kinda neat. Great food, as usual.

Today's outfit: long-sleeved silk blouse, purple slacks, black loafers, feather & quartz bead earrings, moonstone cabochon pendant, spoon ring, band & my hair in a French braid.

I've been busy getting directions to the hotel in Columbus, plus one a half-hour away & one an hour away. I've also looked up some stuff for Living Greyhawk & finally posted in character about Nadia's promotion & transfer.

Gotta go, lots of errands to run.

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