Friday, June 18, 2004

I still have a nascent blister on my left thumb from trying to insert grommets through leather (4-6 oz). But the blister I didn't know about, the one on the ball of my right foot burst today. The skin underneath is tender & I'll be glad when that area of my sole toughens up. In the meantime, my shoes hurt.

I was a bad woman yesterday. I bought 4 books after work. I read 2 of them last night. I finished the 3rd one at lunch today (despite running that errand for Chris).

Today's outfit: rose silk short-sleeved shirt, black broadcloth skirt, black loafers, knot earrings (post), pendant & ring, onyx ring & ponytail held with black elastic. Whee, so exciting.

I finished Jordan's manuscript & I uploaded to where he can see it. Do you supposed I should have notified him that it's done? Probably. I forgot to mail Nick Perch. Blast. I'll do it Monday.

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