Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Well, what a weekend. Friday night we took Chris's car in to the shop. Since we're taking it to Ohio in 2 weeks, um one week, he's a little paranoid about it & wanted a check up before we left. Then we went home, I heated some chicken nuggets & went to PNO. I arrived about 8:30 but PNO was cut short by a thunderstorm. When I couldn't see the road I stopped at IHOP with some other people & ate some soup until the rain relented enough to see. I made it home about 10 pm.

The next morning we went to Southpoint Mall. Chris needed some new shorts; he also bought some new shirts since they were on sale. The shirts are for work but they didn't have the kind of shorts that he likes, about a 2" inseam. So he had to get some much longer ones;, they reach the tops of his knees. I found a pair of black jeans; they almost fit. As usual they are too big in the waist and a little long, despite being 'short'. Oh well, they mostly fit. We stopped to get something to drink & Chris stopped by the bank. We made it home about 10 minutes after Mom was there. On the bright side, she found it on her own. She left 3 boxes & one bag for me. I need to go through them. She'll stop by & see me on her way back from Jacksonville.

I had to take a nap when we came back but Chris accidentally left me to sleep for 2 hours instead of one. I was that tired. We went & got his car & stopped by Michaels to pick up a hole punch & some lacing. He also found pencils to give one of his co-workers for her birthday. She 'collects' pencils so she'll like them. When we returned home we started working on his saddlebags. We discovered that we have 1 hide, not 2. We cut out the front & back, sides & bottoms of both bags but only got one flap (with the brand on it, circle G) & we'll have to piece the strap. Chris went ahead & ordered more leather yesterday. He ordered Latigo, enough for the strap, the flap(s) & side pockets. Mostly we have scraps left from that one hide plus one bag of scraps to get side pockets, dice pockets, etc.

Saturday's outfit: 16th Annual UNC blood drive t-shirt, dark blue stretch jeans, black loafers & ponytail. I completely skipped jewelry. Sunday I wore my 2004 ShevaCon t-shirt, jeans, my new sandals (grey with beads), and wet hair. Yesterday I wore a white tux shirt, black slacks & loafers, the new black belt my mom left for me, onyx & silver earrings, braided hair held by a black elastic, spoon ring & black onyx (or some stone) ring. Today I'm wearing navy slacks, brown loafers, navy braided belt with leather buckle & tag, blue & white striped light cotton shirt w/ 3/4 length sleeves, dragon jewelry (pendant, earrings, 3 rings - 2 of which are same style in different sizes) & right now my hair is loose.

Sunday we (Chris) experimented with the hole punch & eyelet maker until we learned how to do it & get consistent results. While he worked on the first bag part I started cleaning. I had to vacuum early or we can't vacuum at all. We have to vacuum at least one hour before people show up or it sets off Mike's allergies. We packed up the bag supplies & got ready for gaming. Richard was late. 1) he hurt himself on the ladder in his new garage. The ladder isn't quite tall enough for what he was trying to do. 2) he ran out of gas on the highway. Chris went & took him more gas. So he was only an hour late.

After gaming we were going to get Chinese food but the place we wanted is closed on Sundays. So we went to Chili's across from Southpoint. It was good, I had the guiltless chicken platter & then shared the Molten Chocolate afterward with Chris & Rosemary. Even when we finished eating, we sat outside the restaurant & the five of us talked (Richard went home to Kathy). I had to leave hurriedly as apparently there were onions in the rice. I went to bed early Sunday but was still tired Monday.

Yesterday I learned that I had screwed up a co-worker's raise. It should now be complete & he should get it next pay day, back dated to the day of the raise. So I felt just lovely yesterday. If I had tried I'm not certain I could have felt more out of sorts & depressed. I made it through gaming, barely.

I did manage to get the church newsletter sent out yesterday evening. That's good & I scraped together an article of my own. But there were only 2 other articles, 3 if you include Steve's as 2.

Back to work.

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