Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Last night Chris went to the awards thing for work. Apparently nothing really happened. I went to bed before 10 so I was asleep by the time he came home & we didn't really have a chance to talk this morning.

Last night I played Beyond Good & Evil for about 2 hours. I made it a lot farther. I got more evidence & survived the spot where I died so often last time. So I've made real progress in the game. I also finished reading the book I bought at lunch yesterday, Almost Like Being in Love by Christina Dodd.

I took TTA again today. As a result I've already finished the book that I'd picked out. It was only 250 pages & I skimmed some scenes, but still. It was a re-read but it's been so long I didn't remember what happened. A Timeless Christmas, an old Harlequin American romance. It's unlike most in that it has a paranormal/time travel storyline. An Indian in Arizona is hung on Christmas Eve, 1894 by "Judge" McAllister. His crime was wanting to marry McAllister's daughter. He appears December 13, 1994 in the courtroom of JoP McAllister, the descendant of the Judge. She's a bit surprised by his appearance but thinks he's just some prospector or the like, who's been out in the sun too long. It's not bad.

Today's outfit: black loafers. black cotton duck skirt (button down the front), silk blouse (long sleeves, flowered print), black tatted necklace & earrings, braid w/ brown elastic, & same rings as yesterday.

I go to give blood today, if my hemogoblin is high enough. Sometimes it isn't. Right now, I need to work on check requests.

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