Sunday, March 08, 2009

Beautiful Morning
The time changed and I did not sleep well. I made use of being up 'early.' I went to the grocery, which was not open yet because the store manager had forgotten to change the time on his clock. I went to another grocery store instead. I didn't need anything major, just a few odds and ends, but they were necessary odds & ends.

It's a really beautiful morning at least. So it wasn't a completely annoying trip. And I bought doughnuts for breakast, Krispy Kreme of course. Not that there's one around here so I had to settle for grocery store Krispy Kreme, so not the same.

This afternoon is Rosemary's Forgotten Realms campaign. I really need it because having stuff to do really takes my mind off, well, Bill. I had a real crying jag yesterday, enough to give me a headache. I know, it's part of the mourning process. But the mourning process should not leave you with a headache & a clogged nose.

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