Friday, March 06, 2009

Does Mommy Nature Hate Me?

This was the weather Monday. Today it hit 70F. I wore longsleeves and Mary Janes. I didn't even need my jacket on the commute home.

I met a woman from China tonight. She had the 'misfortune' to sit near me on the bus when I was trying to distract myself from my headache. I chattered away at her. She seemed, well, surprised by how much I knew, like I could recognize pine trees. Huh? To me, that's like 'hey, I know what grass looks like.'

My office door went wonky this afternoon. You have to fiddle with it to leave the office. Entering it is no problem, but you can't get out easily. Then when the door locked (it's on a timer) you couldn't get out at all. Luckily, there's another door so I was not trapped. But it's still very odd.

I picked up Stories of English again. It's not a book that I can read quickly. I have to think & marvel over it. Did you know that the 'they, them, their' pronouns came from old Scandinavian? English of the time used 'hie, heo' & something else. And the verb form 'are' was adopted, too. It used to be 'be'. Like 'what fools these mortals be'.

I'm still coughing. Blech. At least most of them aren't those 'check whether I can spot my own lungs' types. The coughs are almost half-hearted in comparison.

I met someone new. I think she's a grad student, or she came/went back to college. Her name is Ally and she's an artist. Wow. She showed me a dragon figure that she is working on. It is just spiff. Then she showed me her fiance's computer art. Wow again. Both of them are so gifted. At least I have my tatting.

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