Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reunited with an Old Friend
He actually found me through Facebook. How cool is that? It is so great to connect with him. I haven't really been in contact since he went to college.

Cool contest:
TotusMel (she of the fabulous tatting) is having a contest at her blog. Go look at her etsy shop & drool. I am not kidding.

weather: Once again, my office is just as warm as outside. But at least the lock has been fixed.

I managed to leave the house without my wallet this morning. And without my tatting. *sigh* I am having such trouble adjusting to the time change.

gaming: I may end up running 4 Jadeclaw games at Animazement this year. Should I have 1 plot ready, or 4? Or some number in between? I have no idea. I might prepare 4 and if I don't have duplicat players, I'll run the same one over & over.

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