Monday, March 23, 2009

I have pictures to post. Tatting and gaming events. But I'm busy fighting with my 'new' Palm V. So stay tuned. An actual blog post will someday occur.


Bella Sinclair said...

Hi! Wow, gorgeous tatting! Your doily there on the left is amazing and so large. Must have taken forever to make.

Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, the southern magnolias are gorgeous, too. I used to have a pink one in New York whose branches went down to the ground. But I guess since it was a cold zone, it also dropped its leaves in winter. They are magnificent flowers, aren't they? Well, some strong winds blew off most of the blooms here. And I've also found that the petals are as slippery to walk on as banana peels. Gotta be careful!

Have a wonderful day!

Sewicked said...

Which doily? The variegated pink & white one? The star-shaped blue & white one? The all white one?