Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Found Black Ice
Luckily I was on foot and there were no cars coming when I did. For those who don't know where I live & haven't noticed the weather there, it snowed on Sunday night. I came home early last night to avoid black ice but I had a focus group to go to tonight. I got home long after dark; and what I thought was wet cobblestones was slick with ice. There were more ice patches but I manage to navigate around those. My knee & hand hurt but they don't look bruised.

Tatting: The other tatters gave me enough bookmarks for this literacy class and enough to get a good start on the next class. Carolyn has been taking crochet classes so all of hers are crocheted. There's a nice variety, thank goodness. Katie took a picture.

Bad news, though. Really bad news. The man who taught me how to tat died yesterday. Chris had to go down to see if he has anything that he has to do; arrangements, etc. His health has been bad for years but it was still a shock to hear that he had a heart attack.

As part of a local history project, I had a heart that I had tatted scanned and added, plus a little bit about how I learned & the connection to UNC. I also did an oral history interview. I got started on a writing project but had to go back to work. The others seemed to find it interesting. It needs some polishing, though.

Gaming: Sunday's LFR game went well. It didn't even run very late. Black Raspberry Chocolate Tracks is now 3rd level. Whee. I need to do her level up stuff, now.


Miss Nancy said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

Sewicked said...

Thank you. I have a tendency to break out into tears, almost randomly, right now.