Friday, January 04, 2013

365 project

I'm trying to do the 365 project. It's simply take one picture a day.
Here's my picture from yesterday.
size 30 DMC, variation on motif from Aug 1998 Tatting Times
I missed the 1st, so I guess my first day is January 2nd.
And here is my picture for today:
It's the same pattern, in size 20 HDT (from Shuttle Lab Trends, but I lost the label).

Here's the thread I'm using for Jane's TIAS 2013.
Isn't it pretty?

Remark from last night's Stargate 1889 game: There's pneumonia, old monia & now Classic monia.

Half the party was still captured but the airship we were on was attacked and we were 'rescued' by more canal Martians, from the Red Martians. Now we're out of the hands of Red Martians and are meeting a new political entity. Hopefully our departure from them will go more smoothly than our most recent one.


IsDihara said...

What a fun colorway (kudos to Shuttle Lab Trends) for Jane's TIAS 2013!

Your 365 Project is off to a great start. Will you be taking a picture each day of tatting? (That would be ramping up the challenge.)

Sewicked said...

If I have tatting I haven't already photographed (for those days when I don't make any progress), I could do that.