Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I cooked!

Yes, this is somewhat remarkable. No, I don't have pictures. I cook a couple of entrees and a couple desserts, but I do not experiment, as a rule. But the SO came home really tired last night, so I cooked. We were out of shake and bake/oven fry so I browned some ground bison and we had ~burritos/tacos. The SO had brought home a couple fresh zucchini and some okra; and per his instructions I dredged them in panko crumbs and baked them. They were pretty good, although next time, 400F for 20 minutes and zucchini spears instead of medallions.

My visit with my stepmom and Dad went well on Sunday. We met at 11:30 and I headed home at 4pm. We didn't take up the table at the restaurant (Ted's Montana Grill) the entire time. We moved to a bench in the mall so Dad and I could talk, out of the weather, while Kathy shopped. I couldn't find the ornament I'd bought Kathy in Savannah but I did give her the watermelon tea, which should be a good summer tea. I also gave her a glass angel. It's clear glass with space for a tealight behind it. Dad liked his Marine Corps dress hat ornament I bought from the "Feed a homeless vet" store at Hungersite. I'm not sure if he really liked the coffee table book about tintype photography, but he might as he looks into it. He did really like the 'what the heck' present; an illustrated dictionary of the Marine Corps.

My Dad

Here's a flower patch in a planter near work on  Friday:
And here it is yesterday:
We had some lovely weather over the weekend, even though yesterday started frosty.

Here's my current tatting project (does the pattern look familiar?)

I'm waiting for a phone call today. One of my mom's friends called me last night, right before I went to bed. Mom broke her arm last night and I contacted another friend who was on her way to go see her. I'm waiting to find out how bad it is. So far, nothing. I'm hesitant to call, because she might be in the middle of something (or have a dead phone, or be somewhere they tell you to turn off your phone). No news is good news?

Saturday was 'return stuff and use gift cards' shopping day. I didn't have anything to return but my SO did. We shopped for stuff to use the store credit and it was a little frustrating. We were in Bed, Bath and Beyond (and he's a little scary in the kitchen area) and saw the perfect wooden stirrer/paddle to replace the dying one we have (cracked wood in kitchen/food = bad). It was in a display, so we looked through every package of wood tools/spoons/etc they had. And it's wood, not bamboo. We finally found it; it's part of a tool container/tool package. Neither one of us liked the container so we weren't going to buy it just to get the 1 tool we wanted. (insert swearing). We did find a new (dishwasher safe) cutting board to replace one of ours and a couple other items. I also found, in the Christmas clearance area, some finger lights. I wore one last night and it was perfect for my walk home. It wasn't just a light, it's a flashlight.

After BBandB, he took me surprise boot shopping. The good side: new boots! The bad side: I was wearing completely the wrong jeans (tapered leg) to try on boots, unless they were ankle boots. I have ankle boots, I want some calf-high ones. We found one or two possibilities but we'll have to go back when I have the right jeans on. We did find some high-heeled Mary Janes. I wore them for a couple hours to start breaking them in.

BTW, the harvest fruit tart at Red Robin is really, really, good.

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