Thursday, January 24, 2013

Whoops (plus some feminist stuff)

I made a mistake on my TIAS, on the 1st day. I didn't notice until the 4th day. Here's the thread I used for the "I can't wait for the next step of the TIAS!"
 And here's my day 3 of the same, in Buzz thread
 And here's my day 3 of my original (if you look, you can see, I only did 8 rings, not 9..wait, crap, I have no idea what happened, but day 4 was not working). I've started it over.
 And here's day 4, Buzz
and below is day 1 (and partial day 2) of Mance

I guess I'm lucky that I'm so low key that I don't get harassed on-line. But here's some advice on what to do if you do see a woman getting harassed/abused on-line (link to article in Ms.Magazine online).


Nancy in Dallas said...

I was looking at your thread. A few years ago there was a close-out at one of the local shops. Those were selling for 25 cents each! Yeah, I got a ton! lol

Sewicked said...

What brand of thread?