Thursday, January 17, 2013

Worn Out

My mom broke her elbow last week. Luckily, she had her police whistle to summon help. She's doing pretty well, all things considered. But I've been running around trying to help her. I've gone back and forth to Greensboro so much that I've practically memorized every tree.

This is from Thursday, sunset over a neighbor's roof:
And Friday:
It was a grey, foggy day. I had a great shot of a dew-laden yew tree, but the light turned green and I lost it.

I missed Saturday but here's one from Sunday (just before I got Mom out).
The weather was gorgeous both Saturday and Sunday.

Here's a little something I did on Monday.
And here's my Day 1 of Jane Eborall's TIAS 2013.

And between all this, I also prepped to run an adventure at a gaming con this weekend. I missed taking any pictures on Tuesday, but here's an unknown plant from Wednesday.
Today's picture:

and Day 2 of Jane's TIAS 2013
With a split chain! My false picot is a little off but I did the knots okay.

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