Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Ahh, the holidays, with their hustle and bustle, are over. Now, it's time for the hard slog of winter. I did some gaming over the winter holidays, played some Pathfinder and Arcanum. I also played some Munchkin and Trekkers of Catan, or whatever it's called.

I made(tatted) a snowflake for the Sandy Hook snowflake project. And then did a variant of it in shades of purple, for myself. It's vol 7 issue 3, August 1998 Tatting Times.

Yesterday, I ran Accursed Halls (there's nothing in the Wiki when I posted this, so you can ignore the link for awhile). from Pathfinder's Thornkeep. I only had 4 players, but two were second level. It was close a couple times, and I did almost kill the dog more than once, but no one died.

There's more, but I want to get this posted today.

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H J Hess said...

Happy New Year 2013!