Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It got colder by the time I went to lunch than it had been when I came to work. Someone please explain that to me. And also tell me when spring is really going to get here?

Today's outfit: brown half-boots, khaki slacks, brown belt, flowered (blue & green) knit shirt (it's not a t-, it has buttons), silver band, fem ring, lapis lazuli posts (which is missing on my left, great 1st time I wear these & I lose one), & hair in a ponytail with glass beads (2, brown with white dots). I'm glad I wore my coat today.

I returned Joe's battlemat today when he picked me up for lunch. We went to Charlie's, a Chinese restaurant on Elliott Rd. I overate but the Gen. Tso's chicken is very good there. Ditto the egg drop soup.

I have stopped one of email lists & set my email on vacation, starting tomorrow. Now I need to go to yahoo & put a stop mail on all my lists. Wheee.

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