Thursday, April 15, 2004

Warmer & sunny today. Is spring finally here? I certainly hope so.

Today's outfit: navy blue jeans, purple t-shirt w/ female villains of Disney, black leather vest (which I may remove before I leave the house), black tennis shoes, 3 fem pendant, copper ring, silver flower band, violet bead & 'silver' metal earrings, & my pendant under my shirt. Navy belt currently hidden by my vest & my hair is in a braid.

I tried to use Nair today. 1) It did not remove the hair & 2) I had a reaction on my knees that makes my jeans a 'trifle uncomfortable'. I had to shave my legs in addition to the Nair. I'll be wearing a bathing suit at some point this weekend (love those indoor pools & arriving early) so I wanted to be shaved. I know, shaving is a personal choice & I choose to shave.

I still have packing etc to do so I will post again on Tuesday.

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