Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yesterday's outfit: grey polo, black slacks, black loafers, celtic knot pendant, celtic knot post earrings, onyx band & silver band plus braided hair.

Today's outfit: blue chambray shirt, navy slacks, brown loafers, carnelian band, silver band, celtic knot earrings (small dangle), ring & pendant, flower ring & braided hair.

Friday I went directly to visit Steve & Anitra. I met the new redtail hawk and identified the raptor I'd seen Monday as a peregrine. Anitra & I talked until late, so I slept on their couch. Anitra loaned me her book on 19th century tatting & a set of Colonial style clothes. Steve gave me an editor's copy of Dawn Rising.

I wasn't feeling 100% so I postponed my massage session. Chris & Rosemary came by briefly, from Bark around the Park, on their way to a Living Greyhawk game (that I'd already played). Then Mike & Kelly showed so we drove to Charlotte. We ran into a little traffic on the way, plus stopped for supper & reached Chantells & John's apartment a little later than we'd planned. We, plus Jeff, ate & talked before beginning the reading part of Polidori (sp). I read first & it was received well enough. It's a very incomplete story, more an introduction really. We finally left about 11 pm & dropped Kelly off at 2 am. I had slept for the past 2 hours but stayed awake to talk to Mike & keep him awake until he dropped me off at home.

Sunday, Mom stopped by on her way home from visiting her sister near the coast. She caught me up on a bit of news and then left herself. The first gamer for the 2 pm game showed just as Mom left. We played until 8:30. Partially as a result of that, I neglected to make a very important phone call. I did not call the Durham Co Gov't about jury duty. I did not even remember it until I saw the note in my dayplanner this morning.

I made three wrong turns on the way to Red Cross this morning. None of them were irreparable, just annoying. I still made it there by my appointment time at 8:00 am. They had problems finding my veins, as usual. So I didn't get up from the chair until 10:30 am. I did get to watch Zorro the Gay Blade. That's one of my favorite movies.

I returned to work at 11 am & went almost immediately to lunch. I met Allen & Metra outside. I'd seen them as I'd gone into to work. It was nice to see them, especially as I may not see them again until next semester.

I wrote a letter to my Aunt in Florida yesterday. I also started one to my mom. I need to finish hers. I also need to work on a present for Squirrel. I'd like to make her a blue-grey kitsune, with 2 tails. But I may not have time.

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