Thursday, April 01, 2004

Today's outfit: black slacks, black half-boots, white turtleneck, striped red/black/ecru woven vest, spoon ring, silver ring, green amber ring, silver bracelet w/ 3 pieces of amber: yellow, orange & green, silver necklace with 5 pieces of green amber, & my hair in a plait until it dries a bit more.

I've read 2 of the 3 books I bought Tuesday evening. They were quite good. I've started the 3rd one.

I made 'not fried' chicken last night, plus mashed potatoes & peas. I skinned the chicken drumsticks, dipped them in milk & then coated them with the oven fried coating. They baked for 50 minutes. I made the potatoes from a mix, with milk, water & butter. The peas were frozen. So it was a fairly easy supper to make.

I've tried to think of a good April's Fool joke but I can't just think of one. The only thing I've thought of is posting some 'myth' races to the Ironclaw list. I've made stats for the jackalope, drop bears & I thought of something else but forgot.

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