Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Today's outfit: black slacks, black half-boots, black belt, grey bib-shirt with Mother of pearl snaps, amber earrings, pendant & ring. My hair is loose, I may braid it later.

I'm still reading the book on 19th century tatting that Anitra loaned to me. I'm in the 19th century patterns section. I tried to work on one yesterday. Using buttonhole stitch instead of chains is very different. I think I'll try it again, substituting chains for the buttonhole stitches.

I have a daisy in the vase on my desk. Ginny, a former co-worker, gave it to me. I happened to see her on my way in. Her daughter got married Satureday & this flower is one from the decor. Since I didn't have time to gather any wildflowers this morning to replace the dying ones, I'm extra glad that she gave me that flower.

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