Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today's outfit: pale grey 'Dendarii Free Mercenaries' polo, white/green/blue plaid gauze skirt (ankle length+), black loafers, spoon ring, silver twisted band, silver hoops earrings, moon & star MoP pendant and loose hair (I washed it this morning & I hesitate to put it up until it's at least mostly dry). Unfortunately this skirt doesn't have pockets, (what gauze skirt does?) so I can't wear my pocket watch.

I managed to get most of the personnel stuff done yesterday. Now I'm catching up on Leave records. I've learned that I only have about 5 minutes AWL to make up (that 's Adverse Weather Leave). Since Ashley is sick she's not here today or tomorrow. I'll just leave a note on the door and take a 55 minute lunch today. Then tomorrow I'll decide if I'm going to use slightly less vacation by taking a short lunch.

I finished re-reading Star Princess yesterday. It's not a great book, the world building is, ahem, not scientifically sound. Salt is rare throughout the galaxy except on earth? I just can't see sodium chloride as rare. But it's still an entertaining story.

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