Thursday, May 27, 2004

Last night was the 4th night in a row that I went to bed late. I really need to get to bed earlier tonight. I'm so tired today that I bought a 20 oz diet pepsi, even without vanilla, to help me get started this morning. The game, a Living Kalamar playtest, went pretty well. Today I'm, off & on, working on reading through it to make helpful suggestions, etc.

Today's outfit: grey Carolina Ren Festival 2002 polo, black & white cotton gauze skirt (it's a broomskirt really, like all my cotton gauze skirts), black loafers, onyx & silver earrings (from Fair Trade), onyx ring, silver 2-strand braid band, a simple silver chain & my hair is loose. I had it up earlier & didn't like it.

My left should still hurts a little. The books I carried yesterday for last night's game were very heavy (3 hardback game books plus 1 paperback game book plus assorted papers & dice). I think I strained something, or at least stressed it. It's feeling better than it did yesterday, at least.

Joe paid for supper last night. We went to Italian Pie in Cary. It's not far from Earl's & since that was the game location, that was important. They have excellent lasagna. Joe & I both had to box half our meal. It's near the crossroads of Harrison & Maynard, across from the new Staples. I have another reason for wanting to remember that; a used bookstore is near that Staple's: Mr. Mike's Used Books. *chortle*

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