Friday, May 14, 2004

Today's outfit: purple silk blouse, black faux-suede slacks, black loafers, 'silver' earrings with black beads, tri-fem pendant on short chain, onyx ring, thin silver braid ring & hair caught up in a thick, black elastic band. I really need to replace these loafers. The inner sole is not attached at the toes, only at the heels. So they creep as I walk. Sounds like trip to Wal-mart. I'd like to get more expensive ones that wouldn't do that, but only Wal-mart carries the style that I like. Isn't that kind of sad?

Copeland's last night was very good. I love baked sweet potato. The crabcakes were a trifle spicy, but that's no surprise. The steamed vegetables were heavy on the cauliflower. The conversation was a good if a bit heavy on the computer talk. Considering the company of 1 programmer & 2 tech support people, that too was no surprise.

Kathy liked the two crossstitch kits, no surprise, they both have cats. The B&N gift cert from Chris & Rosemary was also well-received. She seemed almost surprised that she got presents. Kind of odd. The card I found was really good & I need to get another one like it for Mike. It was 5 reasons for buying a birthday card: #3 was the voices in my head. Very appropos considering Mike's frequent remarks concerning his 'God told me to do that. Well, the voice says he's God. And why would God lie about a thing like that.' Silly Mike. He's not schizophrenic, just a microbiology grad student.

I found a card for Diana's graduation. It's also pretty funny. I just don't know what to get her for graduation. Maybe a gift cert to B&N or the like? Tonight I go get Joe's birthday present. We're buying him a rail game. Tomorrow night, after Diana's graduation & maybe Artsplosure we're taking him to the seafood place at Southpoint.

I need to finish cleaning off my desk.

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