Wednesday, May 26, 2004

So, I just took a half-day off yesterday. I went home as soon as my lunch relief had arrived, after I'd briefed him on what needed doing. I thought about stopping for Chinese food but ended up eating leftovers. I played Beyond Good & Evil for hours. I really like that game. When Chris came home I played a little longer, then let him have a turn. I'd accidentally overwritten his saved game, so it was only right.

Yesterday's outfit: light cotton gauze skirt, dark blue knit shirt, hair sticks holding a half-bun, & the usual jewelry plus my new loafers. Today's outfit: different light cotton gauze skirt, pale blue ~spaghetti strap tank, turquoise open hole knit 3/4 length sleeve shirt, same loafers, rainbow moonstone cabochon (like it's ever any other cut) pendant & earrings, moonstone ring, spoon ring & ~turquoise-colored hairsticks holding a half-bun in my hair. For an outfit put together because I have no clean bras, it works very well (the pale blue tank has a built-in bra).

I'm trying to update my Living Kalamar character. It's not being easy. I can't find a good conversion document & I thought I had the character creation doc, but I can't find it.

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