Monday, May 24, 2004

Jury service (sit around & read all day just in case I get called) last Monday, on the 17th. Busy the rest of the week trying to catch up.

Today's outfit: new black loafers (Faded Glory: Jessie) bought on Friday, black & white cotton gauze skirt, black heavy cotton gauze blouse (round neck, elbow-length sleeves), black tatted necklace w/ black beads, matching earring, black glass/quartz bead bracelet, onyx band, silver spoon ring & bone 2-prong hair stick.

Dad came by yesterday, brought my 'new' desk. He bought it while he worked for the Post Office in LaJunta, CO. It was used then. It's survived the house fire in '74 and it's solid wood so it still looks better & is in better shape than the desk it replaced. That desk was my step-grandfather's computer desk in bought in the late '80's.

Dad took Chris & I out to dinner at Ted's Montana grill. The bison pot roast was maybe a little heavy for midday but it was really good & I was really hungry. I cleared my plate & then had their strawberry shortcake with ice cream, with Dad's help. I've decided that while their food is good, their desserts don't exactly blow my skirt up.

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