Monday, May 03, 2004

Saturday's outfit: black skirt, black half-boots, muslin blouse, red plaid bodice, cream colored apron, and muslin cap. Can you tell that I was garbed ~Colonial? I was at Harmony Hall in White Oak, NC (near Fayetteville) as part of the yearly celebration. I tatted on the front porch (facing the river) while Liz wove on her inkle loom (that I gave her years ago). Leela was greatly admired. There weren't great crowds as it rained off & on. But a few people showed & were greatly admiring. I did get a new question: 'is that real lace?'

Sunday's outfit: new green Celtic knot tree (w/ sun & moon caught in branches), jeans and loafers. I had fun at the picnic, after I woke up. At quarter til 4, I had to get up & answer mommy Nature. Then when the tank started to refill, the air in the pipes made them knock. It sounded like someone hammering on the wall. It completely woke me up, especially as I couldn't i.d. the noise at first. By the time it was over, I was starving. So I got up & grabbed a bite to eat. Chris dragged me to breakfast at Bob Evans (yay French toast). After that I napped. I woke up when the sun almost came out & didn't get to the picnic until 12:30 or so. Saw people I hadn't seen in months. Denise is moving back to Oregon & she's 5 months pregnant. It's a surprise as she'll be 41 next birthday.

Today's outfit: black half-boots, black slacks, lavender polo, Bronze Rose hairclip, onyx ring, silver braid band, flower band, violet bead earrings, & tri-fem pendant.

I got 9 inches of lace tatted since Friday. It's the really small white thread, too. I think that this year I will have trim on my clothes (Village of Yesteryear). I lost my little crochet hook though. I'm back to using my full length one.

When I was lying there, sleepless Sunday morning I thought of a direction for the time travel story that I started. So, it wasn't all bad.

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